Fellow Patriots,

We hear about the Liberal Media & Progressives in Hollywood all the time, but there’s more to the story. There are many great entertainers and celebrities who are Republican through and through, and many that might surprise you! 

These famous faces represent True American Values, and many are Proud Right Wingers just like you.


We’ve put together a list of our top 10 below:


Gene Simmons...Don’t let the face paint fool you! The Kiss frontman is batting for the Right Winger Team.

Walt Disney...One of the most creative Americans of all time, he was a lifelong and dedicated Conservative.

Adam Sandler...The household name and movie star is conservative- who knew.

Elvis Presley…Yep, the King himself was a Republican!


Sylvester Stallone...From Rambo to Rocky, Mr. Stallone represents what a True American can be, on and off the screen.


Brett Farve...As All-American as they come, this QB Star is a real Patriot


John Wayne...This may not come as a surprise. He’s an American classic and a proud Republican as well!


Chuck Norris...We love this one, because we all know Proud Right Wingers kick ass!


Sammy Hagar...with a name like “The Red Rocker”, it’s clear Mr. Hagar is firmly in the Conservative Camp.

Charlton Heston...The one-time Hollywood icon was a strong conservative voice in a liberal industry. Hats off!


Next time you see one of these famous personalities out there in the media, just remember there are plenty of Proud Right Wingers out there, just like you!

Lyra T.