Flag of the United States of America - 3 ft x 5 ft

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ODE TO THE FLAG - Linda Sheehan Cunningham

Our Nation's Flag is a stirring sight
As it flutters proudly in the breeze
Its colors of blue, red and white
Mean so much to you and me
Red stands for courage and hardiness
The white means innocence and purity
Blue for justice, perserverance and vigilance
In its promise to keep us free.
This banner stands for a bountiful land,
Its government, people, and ideals,
The stripes from the thirteen colonies stand,
Its symbolism is very real.
Each State now is represented
By a star of white on blue
President Washington first presented
The American Flag to You.
Many brave men have fought and died
To protect it from dishonor and disgrace.
Wives have mourned and mothers have cried
So we could remain...the United States.
The sight of this Banner brings feeling of joy,
Of courage, pride and freedom to all.
A symbol of our nation in all it's glory,
On the moon Old Glory stands tall

Fabric: Polyester
Size: 3 ft x 5 ft