Belly Band Holster with Phone - Specifically made for RUNNERS

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Arm yourself - It's your right.

This holster has been specifically designed for comfort and convenience for RUNNERS.

Nowadays it's important to be protecting yourself at ALL TIMES. This belly band holster has been specifically made to be used while running (although it can be used outside of that purpose as well).

Many runners complain about not having anywhere to place their phone as they run, so we've put a phone compartment in this belly band holster for easy access, especially in emergency cases.

This holster also features a double mag pouch for extra ammo.

This holster will fit up to a 41" belly.

Quick Points:

  • Phone holster included
  • Neoprene band holster for concealed carry - men and women in almost any clothing
  • Features double magazine pouches for extra ammo
  • Wear high around your belly/chest OR tucked into your waist line
  • Draw from front, rear, left, or right
  • Heavy Duty Elastic - Fits up to a 41" Belly