Under-The-Desk Holster - Includes Mag Slot

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Arm yourself - It's your right.


Nowadays it's more important than ever to carry protection at ALL TIMES. This is crucial for anyone that works at a desk or counter and is comfortable carrying a firearm (of course, this is not recommended for people who have not had appropriate training).


This includes a MAG SLOT (we like using it as a flashlight slot, as shown in the picture).

This doesn't only have to be used under a desk... OTHER USES: 

  • Under a bedroom dresser
  • Inside a closet door
  • Behind a bed
  • Under a book shelf
  • Inside of a kitchen cabinet
  • Virtually any flat surface will do!

MATERIAL: This is made from a high quality tough synthetic panel with elastic gun-holder, thick rubber heavy duty mounting plate, it includes an elastic magazine slot, metal grommets and complete with 4 screws for fast, stable installation.



  • 1 x Under-The-Desk Holster
  • 4 x Screws
  • 3 pairs of stick straps (for velcro use if wanted)

SIZE: 11" x 8"


S&W 38 special revolver, 1911, M9, 357 Volcan, 45 Taurus, SR 40, Beretta 40, Glock17,23,30,40,42, SIG P220, Ruger LC9, Taurus pt45, Sig Sauer C3, and 2 Kimbers, full size Beretta 92fs and ALL SIMILAR SIZE HANDGUNS