Deep Concealment Tactical Shoulder Holster - Underarm Gun Holster for All Pistols

$19.95 $36.95

Arm yourself - It's your right.

Top Quality Concealment: Effective to hide weapon without printing, it can even be wore under a regular shirt! Always stable and secure, it provides fast access to your gun in case of emergency.


Distributes the weight of gun to shoulders and back to distribute weight evenly for a comfortable, all day carry.


Great for runners who want to protect themselves during their workouts.


Medical grade breathable elastic material holster fits a wide range of guns from subcompact to full size pistols. (Gun doesn't fit? Contact us to see how we can help.)


M: Fits 33" to 38"

L: Fits 39" to 44"

XL: Fits 45" to 50"


It is fully adjustable and since it's made from elastic, it will adjust to any body type.