Military Grade Laser - 5000 mw & 532 nm – PRW
Military Grade Laser - 5000 mw & 532 nm

Military Grade Laser - 5000 mw & 532 nm

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This high power Military style laser pointer has very strong performance and high quality.

It is one of the best-selling laser pointers.

Robust housing features a helical structure, good pressure resistance, built-in cooling system and the protective layer of the PCB, life of up to 8000 hours.

Ultra-high output power, it can quickly ignite matches.

Laser range: 10 MILES

Body material: Aircraft Aluminum 

Switch: on/off button 
Focus mode: adjustable 
Expected lifetime: > 8000 hours 
Laser range: 10 MILES


Output power: 5000mw
Laser Color: Green
Dimensions: 160mm×22mm×22mm
Net weight: 112g
Package weight: 132g
Power supply: 1 x 18650 Battery 

1 x Laser Pointer 

*Battery NOT included

1. Avoid direct eye exposure to laser beam as it can harm you. 

2. To light a match, please adjust the focal length to the largest, and then match at a distance of approximately 10 cm from lamp holder, the thinnest part of the light beam.

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