Well it’s official; Demoncrats are all talk and no proof of anything that they talk about!  This week’s 2018 State Of The Union Address was monumental in the history of our nation.  Without a doubt, President Trump delivered the best SOTU ever given by any President in America’s history, regardless of political party.  What were the Demoncrats doing during the address?  They were either sitting on their hands to keep from clapping, or they were playing games on their phones.  How disrespectful.

All the while, our Republican President factually laid out all of the positive accomplishments of only his first year in office.  America has prospered in every area during the Republican’s first year in charge of the Government, in spite of those Demoncrats fighting them tooth and nail on every issue.  As President Trump outlined each of these accomplishments, most of which broke all time records for our country, the Demoncrats stunk up their side of the hall, like someone had passed gas and didn’t want to own it!

Here are some of the record breaking accomplishments for Americans from President Trump’s first year in office:

  • 4 Million new jobs created.
  • Tax reform Legislation.
  • Many companies giving their employees bonuses and raises.
  • Record breaking stock market increases.
  • Major companies expanding and returning to America.
  • Illegal immigration down dramatically.
  • Proudly standing for the American Flag, the National Anthem, our National Motto-In God We Trust, and Religious Freedom.
  • Enhancing border security.
  • Lowest unemployment in recent memory, even among blacks.
  • Begun the fight against opioid abuse.
  • Winning the fight against ISIS and our enemies.
  • Standing for the rule of law where previous Administrations have ignored it.
  • Initiated the Congressionally mandated move of the American Embassy in Israel to its Capitol, Jerusalem.

In other words, President Trump IS Making America Great Again!

Back to the Demoncrats .. they could not bring themselves to stand and applaud for any of these accomplishments.  What, do they really hate prosperity?  Or, more likely, they hate President Trump because they couldn’t achieve anywhere near this kind of prosperity during their 8 years in charge!

Finally, there was the Demoncrats crowning moment of the SOTU address.  Towards the end of the President’s speech, as he was honoring our Veterans, the Republican side broke out in a Patriotic chant of, USA, USA, USA …  Showing his disgust, Demoncrat Luis Gutierrez stood up, left his seat, and stormed out of the hall.  This disgrace spoke volumes about how the Demoncrats feel about their USA, the United States of America!

What a stark contrast between the Republicans and the Demoncrats!

Wayne P. Riddlebaugh
Proud Right Winger

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Chris Fahmy