Ah how the Democrats scowl when they see that they are losing control of their slaves. 
Throughout the State of the union speech anything that was minority and America positive was dismissed and ignored by the left. 
The beginning of the end is what they believe they are seeing because they are the real party of hate. 
Yes... That's right. They believe all people of color are to be manipulated and whipped into a frenzy at every election crisis or debate. 
Why else do you think that they are not looking at the DACA people as People? They see a new political resource for exploitation as fuel in their political engine. 
They claim that to not provide these illegal immigrants relief us un-American. Guess what.. We know that they are illegal and they are plundering from our communities. 
Do Democrats really believe that people of color are stupid and ignorant as a whole? 
As a person of color I believe that they think and believe exactly that. 
Look at the scowls and disrespect of the President. 
Listen to the silence on lower African American and Hispanic American unemployment. 
Listen to the democratic silence on lower unemployment overall and on more Americans read entering the world of gainful employment. 
Liberals aka "progressives" do not want any prosperity in any community of color.
Their lack of acknowledgment of a better American culture and world are witness to the fact that to them we are just pawns and toys that get played every election cycle.
Democrats, the party of hatred and racism. That's why my Puerto Rican ass never votes for them except for 2 local elections. One was Joe Leiberman and the other was Ralph Sarafino for constable because I personally know this Navy SEAL. He got my vote. Otherwise, democrats will never have my vote. They help themselves to the minority communities. They are not helpful. They restructured how they can amass slaves and how to whip them into shape.
People like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are the real overseers on the minority plantation.
Democrats are skilled in the game of telling minority leaders that you could have this.. I'll get it for you if only you give me the support of your communities.
Meanwhile. Those overseers get rich. That's what Obama used to grow his wealth and opportunities for himself.
Not once did he do anything good for his community base.
The south side of Chicago is less survivable than a middle eastern war zone and that while he did his level best to destroy the community he once said he'd represent.
End of rant and remember Palante siempre.
Always forward always. Do not retreat.
Frank Ruiz Jr.
Proud Right Winger
Chris Fahmy