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The Second Amendment... Plain and Simple.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.Twenty seven plain and simple words, about which many hundreds of thousands of much more complicated words have been written. I am a plain and simple man. I believe the drafters of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights used these twenty seven plain and simple words so that other plain and simple men like me would understand them, plainly and simply. As a plain and simple man, I believe the Second Amendment gives me the right to own the firearm of my choosing without hindrance or interference of any kind from the government,...

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Demo(n)crats Are Anti American... SOTU Review

Well it’s official; Demoncrats are all talk and no proof of anything that they talk about!  This week’s 2018 State Of The Union Address was monumental in the history of our nation.  Without a doubt, President Trump delivered the best SOTU ever given by any President in America’s history, regardless of political party.  What were the Demoncrats doing during the address?  They were either sitting on their hands to keep from clapping, or they were playing games on their phones.  How disrespectful. All the while, our Republican President factually laid out all of the positive accomplishments of only his first year in office.  America has prospered in every area during the Republican’s first year in charge of the Government, in...

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The Democratic Slaves [Rant]

Ah how the Democrats scowl when they see that they are losing control of their slaves.  Throughout the State of the union speech anything that was minority and America positive was dismissed and ignored by the left.  The beginning of the end is what they believe they are seeing because they are the real party of hate.  Yes... That's right. They believe all people of color are to be manipulated and whipped into a frenzy at every election crisis or debate.  Why else do you think that they are not looking at the DACA people as People? They see a new political resource for exploitation as fuel in their political engine.  They claim that to not provide these illegal immigrants...

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