My Fellow Patriots,

I gotta tell you, I feel PROUD to be an American today. Our President, Donald J. Trump, is making our Great Nation greater than it’s ever been. True Patriots see the undeniable results he’s achieving for American Greatness, but there are many who doubt and challenge him. That’s fine with a man like Trump, he can stand on his own.

Want to make a socialist snowflake cry? Here are some cold hard facts that prove Donald J. Trump is the greatest President of All Time:

-NO BULLSHIT: A President who speaks his mind. He’s not afraid to ruffle some feathers and stand his ground, just like a True American Patriot. 

-Unemployment Drop: Down to 3.6%, Lowest Rate in 49 years!!

-GDP Growth: Unprecedented 4.1% growth in a quarter- the fastest growth ever for a sitting President.

-Highest Stock Market Volume Ever: The DOW went above 25,000 points for the first time in HISTORY.

-Illegal Immigration Crackdown: Lowest number of illegals entering the country EVER under Trump.

-Repealed Obamacare: Saved taxpayers Billions by repealing Obamacare, especially the oppressive ‘individual mandate’.

-TWO Supreme Court Justices: Appointed trustworthy Judges that reflect True American Conservative Values.

-Destroyed ISIS: Elimitated threats to US Freedom at home and abroad by demolishing the radical Islamist state.

-Withdrew from the Job-Killing Paris Climate Agreement: He kept America First by withdrawing from the ridiculous global warming agreement, saving US Industry from international bureaucratic interference & saving American Jobs.

-Rebuilt Our Military: Trump supports our Troops! His policies have funded and re-prioritized the US Military, including the Veterans Administration to care for our Heroes.

-America-First Energy: Trump has made affordable, stable American Energy a reality. He approved the Keystone XL pipeline, curbed excessive EPA regulations, and led unprecedented expansion of domestic oil & gas exploration. 

Any leader could rest on these achievements, but Trump is showing no signs of slowing down. 2020, here we come!

We’re in it to win it with Donald J. Trump, and like you, proud to show our support of the Greatest President of All Time! Keep an eye out for Patriot-Exclusive Trump products on sale soon...we’ve got lots in store for you, the Real American Patriots out there!

In Solidarity,

Douglas & the PRW Team.

Lyra T