Fellow Patriots,

In today’s divided Nation, it’s important to keep the focus on our shared American Values. We know the left is always getting offended and crying foul, especially when it comes to gender lately.

We wanted to highlight some Women Conservative voices that are carrying the torch of American Freedom of Speech and standing up to the lunacy of the left. Follow these true Patriots!



Kennedy Copeland: She’s not afraid to tell the truth, and remains a staunch advocate for free speech. Kennedy keeps her cool and goes to bat for American values, even in the heat of a snowflake freak-out. 


Candace Owen: A truly fearless Patriot, she stands up to the identity-politics extremists on a daily basis. She’s the new voice of Conservative Black America, and someone worth paying attention to.
Dana Loesch: No stranger to controversy, Dana holds firm for the inalienable rights of Patriots everywhere, especially when it comes to the second amendment. She’s not afraid to stand her ground!
Tomi Lahren: True to her southern roots, Tomi takes the coastal liberal agenda head-on, on all fronts. She’s a force to be reckoned with, and a charmer to boot!
Elisha Krauss: From her post at the Daily Wire, Elisha brings biting sarcasm and wit to the political debate across the country. We love a little humor when it comes to commentary, and Elisha has it in spades.

Tune in to these leaders for daily talking points against the leftist agenda, and make sure the true Patriot Voices in America know you stand with them!




PS: Know a strong republican women?

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Lyra T