Our land is the Home of the Free, because of the Brave. We’re proud of our heroes, and honor the sacrifices they’ve made for all of us to enjoy true Liberty in America like nowhere else on Earth. 

Here at PRW, we’re big history buffs too. The incredible history of America is why we’re Great today! In the spirit of Keeping America Great, we’ve put together a list of the Greatest Military Victories in US History:

  • Operation Overlord: Also known as D-Day, it was the single largest military operation in US history, with Allied troops numbering over 176,000 from several nations taking part. It was a decisive turning point in WW II, with the fall of Hitler’s armies following less than a year later.


  • Battle of Iwo Jima: The iconic image of US Marines raising the US Flag comes from an early moment this hard-fought battle. This intense and bloody battle against Japan in WW II for a key Pacific island saw 6,000 US Troops killed, while nearly all of the 21,000 Japanese combatants died in the fight. 


  •  Gettysburg: A turning point in the Civil War, this battle remains the largest ever fought in North America, with over 157,000 soldiers engaged and over 51,000 killed in 3 intense days of fighting. The end result was a Union Victory from which the Confederacy would never fully recover. 


  • Second Battle of Fallujah: Considered to be the most intense battle of the Iraq war, US Marines & British Special Forces fought house-to-house in tight urban combat to liberate the city, and al-Quadea stronghold. Over2,000 terrorists were killed, while US casualties numbered 82.


  • Battle of Midway: This battle was a major US Victory, despite US Naval forces being outgunned by a powerful Japanese Navy. The Japanese lost 4 battleships while just one US ship was lost, breaking a string of Japanese naval victories and turning the tide of the Pacific war to US favor. 

Be Sure to Thank a Veteran for these epic American Triumphs! The US is the most powerful Nation to ever exist on this planet, and we owe it to the bravery and valor of our Heroes. There’s a lot to be Proud of in our Great Nation, but we’re proudest of the ultimate sacrifices our Heroes & Heroines in Uniform have made to Keep America Free. 


Let Freedom Ring 


Proud Right Winger


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Lyra T