We support true American Values. There are many bold Young Conservatives out there standing up for Freedom in the new generation, and we want to help their voices be heard.


They’re standing up to the liberal media, and the yuppies on campus to deliver a dose of much-needed reality.


Here’s a list of our favorite Young Conservatives out there, enjoy and share!

-Steven Crowder, Age 29: A budding media personality, Steven’s “Louder with Crowder” podcasts are rallying hundreds of thousands of Young Conservatives across the country. He provides funny and accurate commentary on national issues and controversies, and routinely brings reason to the insanity of leftist claims.


-Toni Lahren, Age 24: She’s so popular on Facebook with her “Tomi Show” that Team Trump tapped her for social media strategies during the 2016 campaign. With an audience of over 4 million online, she’s not afraid to call traitors and libs to task, and gained huge traction for her criticism of Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to honor the American Flag.


-Saira Blair, Age 23: This young Patriot made history in 2014 as the youngest American elected to State or Federal office, winning a race for West Virginia’s House of Delegates, in the first election she was eligible to vote! She handily won a second term while still in college. She’s a political force on the rise. 


-Grant Strobl, Age 21: Working to organize Right-Wingers where it’s needed most, in the liberal hotbeds of America’s universities, Grant is a true leader. He’s the chairman of Young Americans for Freedom, and fights tirelessly to fight the liberal brainwashing and BS on American college campuses. 


-Anthony “AJ” Edgecomb, Age 21: He was elected the youngest member of Maine’s House of Representatives, and continues to serve the people of Maine as he completes his education. Another young political star supporting American Values. 


Keep an eye on this crowd, there’s much more to come from them. We’re Proud to see the young generation taking a hard stand to support Freedom and Keep America Great. They’re Proud Right Wingers, just like you and me, and we’re glad to support them.




Douglas & the PRW Team


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Lyra T.