Fellow Patriots,

The feeble attacks by the radical left on our Great President have failed yet again. This week, the Dems made fools of themselves trying to make Mueller Testify against him. 

We already proved no collusion, so what this time? Oh. The ‘political correctness’ police are mad about some tweets again. Deal with it. Our President is a man who’s not afraid to speak his mind!

Even though the Dems control Congress, they still can’t  get the votes they need to even begin an impeachment process! The reason? BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING OUR PRESIDENT HAS DONE WRONG.

They’re distracting everyone from the real facts: The leftist Dem agenda is flawed and their party is failing. 

True Americans like Trump know how to get the job done, but the liberals can’t seem to get their own agenda in order, pandering to social justice warrior agendas while failing to make any meaningful contributions to our Great Nation. 

These people clearly don’t know how to fix a country. I`m with Trump...Send Them Back! 

I`m already getting excited for 2020. Let’s keep standing with President Trump, and support our Republican Lawmakers who are really working to Keep America Great!

Yours in Solidarity,


Lyra T